As announced in the previous blog post, many of the former PrECISE project partners are currently involved in the follow-up H2020 project “iPC”.

“iPC” stands for “Individualized Paediatric Cure” and the project’s goal is to collect, standardize and harmonize existing clinical knowledge and medical data and, with the help of artificial intelligence, create treatment models for patients. Scientists will test them on virtual patients to evaluate treatment efficacy and toxicity, thus improving both patient survival and their quality of life.

In order to accomplish the project’s goals, an interdisciplinary team consisting of basic, translational, and clinical researchers - all amongst the leaders in their respective fields – has been formed. In addition, strong relationships with European Centres of Excellence, patient organizations, and clinical trials which focus on personalised medicine for our proposed case studies, have been established.

To summarize, iPC will address the critical need for personalized medicine for children with cancer, contribute to the digitalization of clinical workflows and support the European Digital Single Market Strategy. Find out more about iPC on the following website:  and follow the project on Twitter: